Kobo Aura One – Waterproof eBook Reader Competes with Kindle

Meet Kobo Aura One When it comes to eReaders, the first name that comes to our mind is Kindle. Amazon rules the eBook reader market in the US. To compete with Amazon’s Kindle, Kobo has come up with a waterproof eReader called Kobo Aura One. It is a big new e-reader that is thin, lightweight

Amazon New Kindle Is Thinner and Lighter

Meet Amazon New Kindle Amazon has added a new e-reader to the affordable Kindle line. Amazon new Kindle is thinner with an increase in specifications while price remaining the same. The new base model Kindle has twice as much memory as the previous model and offers speedier navigation. Thanks to its rounded design, you can

Amazon Kindle Oasis – Epic New eReader

Here’s Amazon Kindle Oasis Amazon has surprised everyone with announcement of an all-new eReader dubbed Amazon Kindle Oasis. It is the thinnest and lightest Kindle offered by Amazon and allows you to read comfortably for many hours. Let’s have a close look at its features: Design Amazon’s latest eReader has an unusual design and is