Samsung Bixby: A New Virtual Assistant to Interact with your Phone

Personal Assistant Samsung Bixby Samsung has announced a new voice-powered digital assistant. It is called as “Bixby” and is an artificial intelligence personal assistant. The Korean smartphone maker has come up with virtual assistant as the latest addition to the club of Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Let’s check out the details we

Now, You Can Take and Share Screenshots with Google Assistant

Updated Google Assistant A newer update for Google Assistant comes with the ability to take and share screenshots. The usefulness of a voice assistant platform depends on the number of things it can do. Google Assistant has gained a new skill to compete against the likes of Amazon Alexa. The new feature is in the

Securifi Almond 3: A Smart Home Wi-Fi System for $149.99

Smart Home Hub: Securifi Almond 3 Securifi recently released the Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi Router for US customers. This brand new wireless router is easy to use and set up and comes with a decent price of $150. In addition, it also comes with Amazon Alexa integration. The idea behind Almond 3 is to

CoWatch Alexa Smartwatch Is Now Available for Purchase at Amazon

Here’s CoWatch Alexa Smartwatch All those who admire Alexa will be happy to know it is coming to a smartwatch. iMCO’s CoWatch is now ready to ship and pricing starts at $279. The smartwatch is available for purchase at Amazon. The silver model costs $279 and the Black variant costs $299. CoWatch Alexa smartwatch has

Amazon Echo Now Guides You Through Workouts

About Amazon Echo Amazon Echo is a wireless speaker and voice command device that comes with a 9.25-inch tall cylinder speaker. It comes with a built-in voice control assistant. It is a matte black cylinder with lower half covered in tiny circular perforations. As it streams audio via Bluetooth, its abilities go much beyond than