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Wahoo Tickr X Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Tracker Review

Wahoo Tickr X

Meet Wahoo Tickr X

Wahoo Tickr X is a waterproof and sweat-proof fitness tracker and is worn around the chest. It wirelessly connects to smartphones and other devices. It comes with minimalist tracker, a band for attaching it around the chest. An amazing feature of Tickr X is the 7 Minute Workout training which incorporates the popular workout with the wearable.


The tracker is a flat plastic pebble measuring 64 x 13 x 38 mm and weighs 8.5g. The back of the device features a pair of contacts which are used for connecting the band and accessing to CR2032 battery. The two LED lights show the Tickr’s device connection (blue) and heart rate detection (red). The smooth vibration alerts indicates when you add a marker during a phone-free workout.

Wahoo Tickr X


TickrX connects to both GPS watches, iPhone 4S and later models as well as Android devices with Android 4.3 operating system or above. It comes with both ANT + Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. Tickr X works with in conjunction with both Wahoo Fitness apps and third party apps to walk you through workouts, automatically register and record reps and keep track of your best efforts in each category.

Wahoo Tickr X

Built-in Memory

Wahoo Tickr X has a built-in memory, allowing you to do workouts, indoors or outdoors without a phone or watch. You just need to put the strap on and it will start recording. You can double tap it to get a quick feedback buzz. You will have heart rate, running cadence, vertical oscillation and GTC. After your workout, you can sync your workout and see the details in the app.

Wahoo Tickr X

Activity Tracking

Wahoo Tickr X will monitor various workouts such as running, cycling, swimming and more. With Wahoo Fitness app, it captures your indoor cycling cadence. The built-in accelerometer measures running form across three dimensions to improve your individual form. It comes with special mode for tracking speed and distance on the treadmill.

Wahoo Tickr X

Apple Watch Integration

It comes with third party app compatibility and works seamlessly with over 50 apps. It also offers two options for integration to connect directly to Apple Watch and another option for gathering heart rate data in the Apple Workout app.

Wahoo Tickr X


  • Accurate activity tracking
  • Workout without phone
  • Great performance
  • Nice layout


  • Chest straps are not for everyone
  • Could use more sports

A quick look at Wahoo Tickr X :

Specifications Details
Height 6.69 in./17 cm
Width 0.95 in./2.41 cm
Weight 3.52 oz./99.79 g
Length 4.69 in./11.91 cm
Dual Band Technology (Bluetooth 4.0 & ANT+) Yes
Real Time Tracking Yes
Third Party App Compatibility Yes
Treadmill Mode Yes
Indoor Cycling Cadence Yes
Rep Counting Yes
Built-in Memory Yes
Vibration Alerts Yes
Water proof & sweat proof Yes
Available At

Wrapping Up

Wahoo Tickr X is a good choice for all those looking for ways to train using data without getting over-complicated. It is a superb fitness tracker by syncing to a phone rather than a watch. For indoor cycling, it is the best bet with the 7 Minute Workout. All-in-all, it comes with a good number of choices and provides accurate and excellent data. At $100, Tickr X seems to be very reasonable and affordable.

You can purchase it today from Do you like Wahoo Tickr X? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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