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Facebook Rolls Out New Mobile Notifications Tab

Facebook has announced that it is going to update and redesign the notifications tab on the mobile apps. It is making a bigger push to deliver personalized information to the members such as providing sports scores, weather updates and local news updates. Till now, it had been focused around postings by friends, birthdays and upcoming events. The mobile notifications tab in Facebook app gets personalized and more useful.

The expanded alerts now include community news and events, storm warnings and other weather information. Facebook said that the notifications tab is evolving into what looks more like a dashboard of stuff on Facebook like weather forecast and news that’s popular in the area. With this update, you will see updates about your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and news stories. The news will be broken in multiple categories.

Mobile Notifications Tab

Keith Peiris, Product Manager, said, “We’ve heard feedback that people wanted to add important information that they can easily see, all in one place.” “Your current notification settings will not change, and you can adjust those any time in your settings,” through “cards” on the social network, Peiris added.

Mobile notifications are now organized as Cards and you can tailor or add more cards based on your Facebook activity and location. You can customize your mobile notifications and make them more useful when you enable your location history on Facebook app. When the app knows the location, you will see notifications pertaining to local events and news, weather updates and movies playing near you.

The redesigned mobile notifications tab looks handy, especially when Facebook is used to keep track of your event. With this feature, you can also keep track of your favorite sports teams, TV Shows, nearby movies and lots more. These personalized options will roll out to Facebook for Android and iPhone in US.

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