10 Popular Functional Testing Tools

Functional testing forms a useful part of testing an application. As the name implies, it is about testing the functions and helps to produce better results. If you are new to the field of testing, you can check out our beginner’s guide to functional software testing. Here, we share some of the popular and useful

Katalon Studio – A Complete Automation Tool With JIRA Integration

What is Katalon Studio? Katalon Studio is a comprehensive automation testing tool that lets you test faster and launch better software. This popular tool works for both web and mobile app testing. One major reason behind the popularity of Katalon Studio is the ease of use. It is an easy to learn automation testing tool

Top 8 Regression Testing Tools

Testing tools are helpful in saving time and efforts in finding out bugs and incorrect functionalities. Use of automated testing tools help to test your web apps. Here, we have the best web regression testing tools for web applications. These tools help you to find security issues, usability issues, and inconsistent behaviors as well. Let’s

All You Want To Know About Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing is an approach to software testing without any specific plans. It focuses more on how the software actually works by which tester gets an insight about the software functionality. This approach to software assessment integrates learning about the program with conducting the testing processes. [leaderad] Exploratory Testing emphasizes on personal responsibility of the