6 Best Windows Phone Apps for Parents

Today, we are talking about the best apps for parents available at the Windows Phone Store. Some apps are useful in helping parents to keep a track over their baby’s activities while there are some that suggest names for babies. [leaderad] Here are the top picks for fantastic Windows Phone apps for parents. 1)   Baby Toy

Doctor+ App for Windows Phone 8 Review

Doctor+ is a useful app for Windows Phone users that displays how much medicine has to be taken, at what time and for how many days it has to be taken., [leaderad] Doctor+ has been designed to provide you cure against simple diseases and save your money. It has been designed for Indian Peninsula while

More Than 300,000 Windows Phone Apps Are Now Available

Thanks to the number and varieties of apps, our smartphones have transformed into a productive and entertaining device. There is now a lot much more than just great hardware and software on a phone. Today, apps play an important role in helping customers decide what phone or platform they should go for. As compared to

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Windows Phone

Windows Phone is overlooked by most consumers in their purchasing decisions. The biggest decision to make has been whether to go for iOS or Android. Yet there’s a change in the air. While the global market share of Windows Phone continues to be small, it is making significant rise. It even outsells the iPhone in