10 Best USB Type-C Cables for Powerful Syncing and Charging

USB Type-C is the new standard connector for charging and data transfer on laptops, smartphones or tablets. Though not every device comes with this powerful port but a number of prominent devices are including it. With Type-C, you enjoy fast data transfer and amazing charging speeds. Here, we list out the best USB Type-C cables

7 Best Phone Micro USB 3.0 Cables

USB cables are used by everything from portable hard drives to smartphones and more to transfer data to and from the computer. It also allows one to charge devices and these are built to last with quality internal components. So, today we are listing the best phone micro USB 3.0 cables that provide fast charging

Top 10 Fastest USB Flash Drives

USB Flash drives are one of the amazing inventions and are a need for all computer users. They have made our life so convenient and having one or two of them just make sense. Here are the fastest and most amazing USB flash drives that you can buy. Top USB Flash Drives 1) SanDisk Extreme

How To Fix USB Not Recognized In Windows?

Many a times I have run into problems with USB devices on a Windows machine specially a laptop. In most cases it is not detected at all or it does not show up under the My Computer drives list. There can be various reasons for this behavior from a corrupt USB device to a bad