How to Use the new Send Money Feature in Skype?

Send Money Easily Sending money to friends or family members’ now gets a little easier with Skype and PayPal integration. Microsoft and PayPal add a new Send Money feature to the Skype mobile app on Android and iOS. This enables direct payments between the users. By using the latest version of Skype for Android or

Skype for Business iOS App Updated with Lock Screen Support

Updated Skype for Business iOS App Microsoft has announced that it has updated the Skype for Business app on iOS. The update includes the usual performance improvements with the significant change of Microsoft use of Apple’s Call Kit. It lets you answer Skype for Business calls directly from the lockscreen. This implies that Skype for

Skype for Business Now Heading To Mobile Devices

After successful launch of Skype for Business for Windows Phone, Skype is all-set to enter the Android and iOS platform. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has always prioritized development of core offerings for competitors’ platforms as well. The aim is to help Microsoft broaden its user base. Over the last few months, the team has released