Kami 2 – Amazing Combination of Logic and Problem Solving, Game of the Week

Kami 2: An Addictive Puzzle Game Kami 2 is the sequel to the original Kami by State of Play Games. It is far more advanced with over a hundred new levels along with being a puzzle builder. The game is more than just a pretty game and offers you great variety of puzzles. These puzzles

App of the Week – Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is a colorful and bright colorful game that takes you to a wonderful world and is much fun to play over again and again. This game involves switching between multiple characters to solve puzzles. Let’s check out the complete details. About Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake The game involves a

Trivia Crack Game for Windows Phone Review

Trivia Crack is one of the popular games available for Windows Phone users. This trivia game comes with six different categories where you need to collect the characters that correspond to each category. This amazing quiz game tests your knowledge and you can also challenge your friends to see who is the smartest of all.

Swop Puzzle Game Releases for Windows Phone

If you are a puzzle lover, here comes an exciting and interesting puzzle game for you that will surely keep you entertained for hours. Swop is a new challenging swapping game available for Windows Phone 8 users. It has been developed keeping in view the expectations of adults and children from a puzzle game. This

Disney’s Lost Light Puzzle Review

Lost Light puzzle adventure starts your journey to the heart of the Enchanted Forest and helps you restore the light hidden away by the wicked Beasties. You are to match the unique numbers to make your way through the enchanted forest and unleash power-ups and more. Each level offers a bunch of numbers that work