Best 6 Karaoke Apps for Windows Phone

Karaoke apps are a perfect source of entertainment and fun. You can carry the entertainment equipment at all times. Check out the best karaoke apps for your Windows Phone that you can download from the Windows Phone Store. Our list includes both paid and free apps. [leaderad] Here are the top karaoke apps: 1) Amazing

Best 5 Windows Phone Apps for Finding Lyrics

If you are looking for apps that help you find song lyrics, here is a complete list. These apps for finding lyrics are available for free download and offer you instant results to queries made. Windows Phone Store has plenty of apps to find lyrics of your favorite music tracks and here are the best

Songbox App Review

Songbox is the latest addition to the category of social networking apps available for Windows Phone today. This app adds a musical twist to the social networking where you can share your music talent all over the internet. It offers you an interesting way to share your music likings with others. Just record your favorite

Music Now App Review

When we are talking about music players on any platform, there are default music playback applications and usually they are very functional as well. So, for third party music apps to give a strong competition and attract users to download their music app need to have apps with extra functional, extra playback possibilities and extra

Best Windows Phone Apps for Music Lovers

The Windows Phone Store is home to a large number of apps and the number is increasing with new passing day. Windows Phones have a lot of great apps for discerning music makers as well as music lovers. If you are looking for music players for your Windows Phone, here’s a list of some of