Top 8 Regression Testing Tools

Testing tools are helpful in saving time and efforts in finding out bugs and incorrect functionalities. Use of automated testing tools help to test your web apps. Here, we have the best web regression testing tools for web applications. These tools help you to find security issues, usability issues, and inconsistent behaviors as well. Let’s

A Beginner’s Guide to Functional Software Testing

“Functional Software Testing” or “Functional Testing”, as the name suggests, is checking the functions of the software application. It is a quality assurance process which has great impact in producing better quality of the software product. [leaderad] In simple words, you can say that “Functional testing is a process of testing the software against the

An Overview of Black Box Testing

As you know that there are different types of testing in the field of software testing, it is vital to have knowledge about them. In the previous post, we discussed about white box testing and today, we are here to discuss on second type of testing that is done after white box testing which is