Cabana by Tumblr, A Video Chat App is our App of the Week

Cabana – A Hangout App Tumblr launches a new app called Cabana which allows you to video chat with your friends and watch YouTube videos together. The app is introduced under the Tumblr brand and caters to users who frequently use the blogging services. Though it is not designed to interoperate with Tumblr’s product but

Send Email Messenger App Now Available For Android

Software giant, Microsoft, has released the Send app for Android today. It was originally made available to iOS users only. This part messenger and part email client was released for iPhone back in July. The app still requires you to have an Office 365 subscription to use. It is now available only in USA and

Microsoft is developing an iPhone App Called Flow

Microsoft is reportedly developing a new and lightweight chat app called Flow. There are many rumors all around that this app could become the future of all other email apps. According to the description of the app on Twitter, the team behind Outlook is working on an instant messaging-like email app for iPhone. The app