10 Best and Free Android Utility Apps

Android is the most popular operating system. It has released unveiled its latest version, Android O. Many utility apps are offered by the companies to let users customize the operating system according to their requirements. Android utility apps range from junk cleaning apps to translating language to forecasting weather and lots more. Here is the

10 Best and Free Android Battery Saver Apps

Battery life is one area where smartphones lag behind. Irrespective of the capacity of battery, we always find battery usage an issue. It makes a good sense to use android battery saving app. Such apps work to enhance the battery life of the smartphones. So, we have listed the best android battery saver apps that

10 Best Android Video Streaming Apps for Free Download

Here are the useful android video streaming apps that let you enjoy your favorite shows, movies and more. These are available for free download. Top Android Video Streaming Apps 1. Netflix Netflix tops our compilation of the best Android video streaming apps. This free app lets you watch thousands of TV episodes and movies on

10 Best Android App Lockers For Free

Mobile security is very important and in case, one loses the smartphone, it becomes a serious issue. Our smartphones are full of pictures, videos and other useful data. Anyone can access your documents, information and can use it against you. The best way is to get good android app lockers. These apps are available for

Top 7 Free Android Spanish Learning Apps

Best Android Spanish Learning Apps Learning a foreign language is a rewarding experience. With the help of useful android Spanish learning apps, you can easily learn a new language. They are your confidence booster. Whether you want to learn Spanish to improve employability or to study or live abroad or to develop life-long friendships, these

7 Most Amazing and Free Android Voice Recorder Apps

Best Android Voice Recorder Apps With an ever increasing number of voice recorder apps, it becomes easy to record voice in high quality without spending your money. The android apps are available for free download and come with a simple interface. Here are the best android voice recorder apps. 1. Smart Voice Recorder Smart Voice

Top 10 Quick and Efficient Android Screen Recorder Apps

We often feel the need to record screen on our Android device. Though taking screenshots option comes in most android smartphones today, but sometimes we need screen recorder. There is no dearth of android screen recorder apps and here, we list out the most useful and quick screen recorder apps that do the function efficiently.

Best Android Twitter Client Apps for an Amazing Tweeting Experience

Though Twitter has an official app for Android users, but the popularity of client apps continue to increase among the users. These apps are capable of drastically improve your tweeting experience. Here, we list some of the best android twitter client apps for your device. Top Android Twitter Client Apps 1) TweetCaster for Twitter TweetCaster

Top 10 Free Android Stress Management Apps to Relax

Best Android Stress Management Apps Here, we have compiled an assortment of the best and most popular android stress management apps that can help you gain clarity, and keep stress at bay. If you have an iPhone, you can check out our blog post on stress relief apps for iOS. Let’s have a look at

10 Best Android Lock Screen Apps For Free Download

If you are looking for android lock screen apps, here are the best ones to consider. These free apps come with beautiful set of wallpapers in addition to providing notifications. Let’s have a look at them: Top Android Lock Screen Apps 1) ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock Screen ZUI Locker tops our compilation of the best Android