Bluetooth 5 Now Available Officially to Device Manufacturers

Bluetooth 5 Official Bluetooth is the quintessential wireless standard to communicate with each other across small distances. It continues to evolve as the global wireless standard for secure connectivity. Now, the Bluetooth 5 version is official. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has first unveiled the Bluetooth 5 in June and now the new spec has

Bluetooth 5 Features Double Speed and Four Times Range

About Bluetooth 5 The next version of Bluetooth called Bluetooth 5 is all set to launch on June 16. Mark Powell, Bluetooth Special Interest Group, announced that the fifth-generation of Bluetooth is coming soon. It is supposed to offer an extended range and faster transfer rates as compared to its predecessors with up to two

What Is The Difference Between POP And IMAP?

POP and IMAP are email protocols that are used to download messages from mail servers on your computers. These protocols determine where your email is to be stored such as on your computer or on the server. When you configure email client like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, you select an email protocol. Let’s get