Best 5 Windows Phone Outdoor Apps

It’s the best time to consider Windows Phone outdoor apps to enjoy some great time with your friends and family. When you are looking to plan vacations, holidays, hiking or camping trips, take advantage of these apps. Today, we are talking about the apps that let you enjoy great outdoors and these apps help you

Top 5 Windows Phone Medical Apps

Recently, we found useful windows phone medical apps and in this blog post, we share them with you: 1) Medical Dictionary This is a quick reference app for medical students. It contains more than 120,000 medical terms and definitions. When you want fast information for medical terms, it is the best source. The app features

Best 7 Windows Phone Handwriting Apps

Here are the top-rated Windows Phone handwriting apps that let you pen down whatever you want to in your own writing style. Let’s check them out: 1) InNote InNote is one of the best choices when looking windows phone handwriting apps. This easy finger writing app allows you to take notes, write memos, make annotations

Top 8 Funny Windows Phone Talking Voice Apps

This time, we are covering the most funny talking voice apps available for your Windows Phone. These applications are quite popular as it’s really fun to hear your voice in funny ways. Here, we are sharing the best and free windows phone talking voice apps. You might want to have one or more of these,

Microsoft Launches Skype for Business App for Windows Phone

Microsoft announced the launch of a new Skype for Business app for users of Windows Phone. The updated unified communications app was formerly known as Lync. Previously, one can access it through Lync 2013 app but now Skype for Business gets its own dedicated Windows Phone app. The app now includes updated notifications, enhanced security

6 Awesome Windows Phone Stress-Relieving Apps

Our day-to-day life is full of chores, meetings, deadlines and more. Even though we deal with them on regular basis but feel drained of energy and motivation. Windows Phone apps help you to manage stress and feel relax. There are several free and paid windows phone stress-relieving apps that make your life more relaxing and

8 Must-Have Windows Phone Video Apps

In this blog post, we have compiled some of the best and free windows phone video apps that let you enjoy your favorite videos seamlessly. They support a variety of different formats and ensure that the videos are played in highest quality. Some apps also help you view YouTube videos and save it to your

Best 5 Windows Phone Spanish Learning Apps

Today, we share useful educational apps that make Spanish learning fun and easy. These apps help you grasp the knowledge about foreign language and improve brain function in several ways. With these apps, you can learn Spanish anywhere and at any point of time. We have covered both free and premium Windows Phone Spanish learning

Top 6 Free Windows Phone GPS Tracking Apps

GPS refers to Global Positioning Systems and helps to determine the exact geographic position of a place, person or any asset. It is increasingly being used in mobile phones to record the location of assets at regular intervals. GPS tracking has gained popularity in recent times and it is available in iPhones, Blackberry phones as

Top 7 Windows Phone To-Do List Apps

We need to complete a number of tasks each day and when lots of tasks are pending, it is a good idea to have a list of all the things to be done at one place. Windows Phones allow you to manage these tasks effortlessly with to do apps. To all those looking for best