How to write a simple SQL Server Data Access Layer – Part-1

his article gives walk through on how to create a simple Data Access Layer and how to use it in your application.

XML Data Island

XML data island concept is older but interesting and still very useful at times. This article describes how XML data can be converted to HTML in Internet Explorer.

ASP Content Rotator

This article describes how to code a content rotator for your homepage. Each time a user requests the Web page, the content rotator object displays a new HTML content string based on the information provided by you.

Export MySQL to Excel in PHP

This code sample exports a single table from MySQL Database to Excel in tab-delimited format.

Display Online Users

This articles shows how to display online/active users on your website using ASP.NET

Create Docking Bar in VB

This article shows how to create a Visual Studio style Dockable Bar in VB

A* Algorithm for Path Finding in Games

Introduction to some of the concepts of the A* Algorithm

How to Automate Web Browser using VB.NET

This Article helps to understand the capabilities of the WebControl to Automate Any Website or to Extract information from any site.

GroupBox using simple HTML

This is to show how you can create a simple VB Group Box style group box using plain HTML

Simple Web Form Post in ASP.NET

Here is one small sample code, which takes input from a text box inside a web form and displays the input on submitting the form.