15 Best Windows Phone Discount Calculator Apps

After compilation of the best discount calculator apps for Android and iOS, it is the time to have a look at top windows phone discount calculator apps. With huge success of Windows 10, an increasing number of developers are making their apps for the Windows platform as well. When you have a Windows Phone and

Top Android Discount Calculator Apps For Free

If you are tired of performing those mental arithmetic calculations when shopping, android discount calculator apps are there to help you. Forget about using a complex calculator and then finding ways to calculate discount and tax. Instead, make use of a discount app and get the savings and amount in one go. Here, we have

Stocard App for Windows Phone Review

Are you a shopping spree? If yes, Stocard for Windows Phone is a must-have app for you. This useful app allows keeping all your loyalty cards at one place to make sure that you get points and rewards. It offers a new way to collect those reward cards conveniently. [leaderad] The app allows you to

Shopping List App Review

Shopping List by Igor Kulman is a simple and fun app to use on your Windows Phone. It is a beautifully designed app and comes with all features that need and expect from a shopping app. now, it is the time to say goodbye to all those ugly apps that include features which are not

7 Great Shopping Apps for Your Windows Phone

With smartphones, life has become easier and many tasks can be conveniently completed while on-the-go. Shopping apps are very useful as they make it simpler to browse through online shopping portals and make an organized categorization of products along with their detailed information, discounts, prices and reviews. Here we discuss about the shopping apps that