Using IEnumerable vs ICollection vs IList vs IDictionary

In this article we will discuss four important Interfaces used heavily in .NET development. IEnumerator IList IDictionary ICollection All these are nothing but interfaces, but they are very important in terms of implementing encapsulation on collections, providing decoupled collections in tired architecture like 2 tier or 3 tier and also useful in implementing object oriented

Simple file based exception logger for windows 8 app

Proper exception handling is the key factor to any good application development. But what if we want to log the exception details or additional information to a log file which users can send us for review. If you really want to pin point what exactly went wrong after an application crash you should have a

How to Create a Custom WordPress Alert Plugin

WordPress plugins are a great way of customizing your site by adding features and services to suit your needs. They allow us to add functionality to WordPress without interacting with the core code directly. It is also easy for the user to activate or deactivate the features at will. Although there are many plugins that

Introduction to Entity Framework 5.0 – Part 1

EF 5.0 is the latest version of Microsoft ADO.NET entity framework which is the Microsoft ORM (Object Relational Mapping) which enables .NET developers to work with relational data using domain-specific objects. It eliminates the need for most of the data access code that developers usually need to write. (Read more here). Entity framework can be

How to Get Started with ASP.NET MVC 4

What is ASP.NET MVC? MVC design pattern is an architectural pattern that divides the application into three components, Model, View and Controller. Models: the components used to implement the logic for your application domain, often they used to retrieve or save data from/to the database depending on the user inputs. Views: used to accept user

JQuery Best Practices for Beginners

jQuery heavily relies on JavaScript (and is JavaScript) and CSS – so this article will also include some information and best-practices related to those as well. The “var” keyword: JavaScript is naturally a dynamic/weak-typed language, there is no notion of compile-time data types. Instead, JavaScript figures out the type at run-time and throws an exception

PHP Best Practices for Beginners

If you are new to PHP coding, then you should read this article about few important php best practices. It will surely help you be a better developer.

Naming and Casing standards in .NET

Hungarian Notation: Hungarian notation is the methodology of using typically a 3-character prefix on a variable name to signify something about the data type. For example: Dim strUserName As String Dim intCount As Integer Dim lngNumOfRecords As Long Dim arrItems As Array This worked well when there weren’t that many data types. In .NET, using

Debugging .NET Application: Using Son of Strike(SOS) Debugging Extension

This article will talk about how you can leverage SOS, a .NET debugging extention shipped with .NET Framework(v1.1 onwards)

What happens to the .NET Code you write?

Ever wondered what happens to your code on compilation and execution? This article will give you an insight into behind the scenes of a .NET Code.

Using Trusted Connections & Impersonation in Web Applications

It is not the safest way to allow SQL server user login for database connections within an ASP.NET application.rnIf the backend supports it – like Microsoft SQL Server and DB2, web applications should use trusted connections to connect to the backend database.

Web Session Management

Introduction: Session is the process of interactive information between communication devices that is established at a certain time and torn down at a later time. This semi-permanent interaction between devices is also known as communication session. Communication sessions can be implemented as part of protocols and services either at the application, or at session or

How to send emails using HTML Templates in ASP.NET

Have you ever faced a need to send personalized email using preformated HTML templates. If yes then this article will give you a better idea on how to use HTML templates in ASP.NET to send custom emails.

Dispose Objects: IDisposable or GC or Connection Pool Manager

IDisposable, GC or Connection Pool Manager, which one score the most? Which method is the safest way to use?

How to send mails using Microsoft Schemas

This article shows how to send mails in ASP.NET using namespace

Understanding ASP.NET Caching Options

In this article i will cover the caching options in ASP.NET and implement the types of caching creating a simple web application.

SQL Server Interview Questions

Here is a collection of professional SQL Server Interview Questions. You can download the entire collection in word format. This article just gives a preview of the entire collection.rn

ASP.NET Interview Questions

Here is a collection of professional ASP.NET Interview Questions. You can download the entire collection in word format.

SSIS: Various Editions of SQL Server 2005

This article highlights the different versions of SQL Server Editions available and the different features supported by each.

Migrating DTS to SSIS Part 1

This article is good for starters who want to learn about SSIS, Migrating SSIS and what to expect.