Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3: 10 Times More Powerful Than Original

More Powerful Compute Module 3 Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched the Compute Module 3 with a more flexible form factor. It intends to provide a cost-effective route to producing customized products. The original Module was launched in 2014 containing the guts of a first-generation Pi. This new Compute Model 3 is based on Pi 3,

You Only Need $20 to Buy a Quad-Core Computer Orange Pi PC 2

Orange Pi PC 2: New Mini PC Are you looking to purchase a tiny computer than runs Android or Linux but have only $20? If yes, Orange Pi PC 2 is worth your attention. It is a new single-board quad-core 64-bit computer. Orange Pi PC2 is an answer to the Raspberry Pi 3 which costs

Meet Onion Omega2 : A $5 Little Linux Computer

Here’s Onion Omega2 Onion Omega2 is a follow-up crowdfunding campaign to the very popular original Omega. The newer one is faster and more capable. It is a vast improvement over the original one, featuring a 45% faster CPU. It is a Linux computer and is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. It has specially been designed

Raspberry Pi 3 Adds Built-In Wi-Fi, Costs Only $35

Meet New Raspberry Pi 3 We are a fan of Raspberry. The company continues to amaze its users with new and exciting offerings and especially its great price like Raspberry Pi Zero costs only $5. Now, it is again amusing its customers with an exciting Raspberry Pi 3. Raspberry Pi is a fantastic and surprisingly

Meet The New Raspberry Pi Zero $5 Computer

Raspberry Pi is always known for making affordable computers and has this time comes up with an insanely cheap computer. The Raspberry Pi Zero will only cost $5. You can also check out the key differences between Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino Tre. Raspberry Pi Zero The Raspberry Pi Zero is on sale for $5

How to Build a Raspberry Pi WiFi RC Car using WebIOPi

If you are interested in a creating your first IoT project and then join me In this post and I will cover soup to nuts on how to build Raspberry Pi 2 based WiFi RC Car using WebIOPi Framework.

Differences Between Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino Tre

In this blog post, we are discussing about the differences between the latest Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino Tre. This post helps you get a better insight about their features and specifications. Raspberry Pi 2 Raspberry Pi 2 is a fully functional computer, meeting all purposes and requirements. It features a fully fledged operating system