Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Review

While working a full day on computers, we should sit with right posture and organize our gear in a comfortable way so that we don’t feel discomfort on a daily basis. Obviously, avoiding the computer is not an option today and the challenge here is to ensure that we don’t end up developing permanent health

Free Microsoft Online Services That You Might Not Be Aware Of

Microsoft presents you a handful of free online services that you might not heard of. These free services are dedicated to provide you a better experience while using Windows on your phone, laptop or tablet. In this post, we introduce you to free Microsoft online services that you can avail benefit of: [leaderad] Free IT

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation?

Are you new to Microsoft PowerPoint? You need not to worry about creating presentations in PowerPoint. Here is a step by step guide along with screenshots that helps you to create effective and professional looking presentations in no time. Good presentations stand you out from the crowd and help you communicate your idea to the

Meet Microsoft Band, the Fitness Tracker That Also Works with Android and iOS

Microsoft has this time come up with the game changer: Microsoft Band. The Band works with more than just Windows-based mobiles and syncs with iPhone and Android Phone as well. Microsoft made a dramatic entrance into the wearable market with the Band. As the Microsoft Band syncs with your phone, you will also get notifications

Microsoft Jumps to Windows 10, Skipping Windows 9

Microsoft has recently announced a brand new Windows operating system, creating lot of hype among the people for its features. One of the major changes is that Windows 10 does away with the Metro Tile interface from Windows 8. [leaderad] Myerson said at a press conference, “Windows 10 will run on the broadest amount of

More Than 300,000 Windows Phone Apps Are Now Available

Thanks to the number and varieties of apps, our smartphones have transformed into a productive and entertaining device. There is now a lot much more than just great hardware and software on a phone. Today, apps play an important role in helping customers decide what phone or platform they should go for. As compared to

Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit

Companies can have thousands of applications installed across distributed networks. To ensure that these applications are compatible with a new version of operating system, it is essential that companies test these applications against the new operating system deployment (such as deploying Windows Vista or Windows 7).