Prognoza – The Best Weather App for Windows Phone

There are a remarkable number of weather apps available for Windows Phones. Prognoza weather app is one of the best weather apps in the App Store. It is a simple and an attractive weather app that provide forecast information in an eye-catchy manner. Prognoza Weather App Platform: Windows Phone 8 Windows Phone 8.1 Cost: Free

Brain Training Apps to Sharpen Your Mind

Because of this technological-world, many people are no longer exercising their mental skills, and are making use of their gadgets for things like computations and analyses for them. In return, the mental skills become rusty. Studies have suggested that exercising brain is as important for exercising other parts of the body. When you are looking

Battleheart Legacy Review

Battleheart Legacy is an attractive, fully-featured RPG that makes a lot of its competition on iOS. It is an extremely good looking and well-made game and the feature I love most about it the hardcore RPG. The game begins by creating a character and working their way through a sequence. Touching anywhere on the screen

8 Best Travel Apps

Are you looking for the best travel apps that make your travel smarter? Your digital companion can help you plan your itinerary and make your tickets and connections all lined up with use of right travel app. The best travel apps help you have everything you need to do with least efforts. Whether you are

Life360 Family Locator for Windows Phones Reviewed

Life360, an astounding app that lets families track themselves, is now available for Windows Phones as well. It is a useful app that provides you answer to common questions like where your kids are right now or is anyone home. It will map out family members using GPS tracking technology. The app comes with plenty

Sky Force 2014: A Must-Have Game for Shooter Fans

Sky Force celebrates its 10 year anniversary as a mobile game with new release Sky Force 2014. The original Sky Force came out on mobile devices in the year 2004. Now a decade later, Sky Force 2014 amazes its fans of scrolling based shooters. The intuitive controls are a huge reason for the success of

99 Bricks Wizard Academy Review

99 Bricks Wizard Academy introduces you to a magical, Tetris-inspired world. It is a game about rickety towers that are just a nudge away from collapse. Despite the blocks that are tumbling down the screen look like tetrominoes, but this game is very different to Tetris. The goal of 99 Bricks Wizard Academy is to

Best 7 Free Apps to Make Free Calls on Android

If you have an Android phone or tablet, making free calls is a huge advantage. With ever-increasing rates of mobile plans, these apps help you save big on your domestic as well as international calls. Check out our list on the most popular free apps that help you make free calls on android. Best 7

6 Best Price Comparison Mobile Apps

Smartphones are not only to help us stay connected and entertained on the go, they also save us money. With right apps, you can easily check the products you’re looking for at different platform to see if you’re getting the best prices. These 7 price comparison mobile apps help you make informed and better shopping

Watch Live TV with Ditto TV App

Ditto TV is India’s first subscription-based Live TV and Video-on-Demand service that allows users to enjoy live television, movies and videos. The official Ditto TV app has now been available for Windows Phones. This product by Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEE) offers over 105 Indian live television channels in addition to movies. An exciting feature of