Best Practices: Database Operations

Few things that you could consider as part of better coding practice and for better application performance.

How to get details of a file extension including icon

How to retrieve the descriptive name of a file extension and icon. If you have some sort of file ‘browse’ Window that you want to show the file name, and the ‘File Type’ field where it says something like ‘File Folder’, ‘WinZip File’ or ‘FLG File’ – here is some simple code that does that for you.

How to create a reusable method to check null or an empty string

We always need some utility methods handy to speed up our development activity. The method in this article shows how to check if a string is null or empty.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Part 1

This article explains the need for a new platform to exploit the graphics power of today’s computer systems. This provides background information on the evolution of WPF and covers why user experience is an important consideration in application design. WPF is an integrated client platform and next generation of development tools for building Windows client applications.

Display Online Users

This articles shows how to display online/active users on your website using ASP.NET