How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card or USB Drive?

In today’s post, we are covering how to remove write protection from memory cards or pen drives. The write protection does not allow a user to copy or transfer any of the files stored in memory cards to the device. It also prevents files from deletion and formatting. When your memory card is refusing to

How to Recover Lost Data from Android?

Whether you have accidentally deleted important files or corrupted your operating system through software update, here are the top tools to recover lost data from android. These data recovery tools help to quickly recover lost or deleted data files. Here are the best tools to recover lost data from android based mobile devices: 1) Wondershare

How to Disable Snap View in Windows 7/8

Snap View is a nice feature first introduced in Windows 7 and is present in Windows 8 and 8.1 as well. This feature shows two windows side-by-side on the same screen. It works when you drag an open window to the side of the screen and window will automatically snaps into place. It offers an

How to Secure Your USB Drive?

USB drives are small, portable devices that have the capacity to store large files and documents. They are an ideal way to move data between computers and are heavily used these days. These convenient and inexpensive flash memory sticks and drives help individuals and organizations to handle their data needs. At the same time, one

How to Remove Cortana Search Box in Windows 10

One of the features in Windows 10 is the new Cortana search box. By default, the search box sits between the Start button and your pinned items. Though it’s a convenient feature to have search box in the taskbar but if you’re living outside US, then search feature is limited to text-only searches. The Cortana

How to Get Old Calculator in Windows 10?

With Windows 10, Microsoft has removed the old calculator app from Windows. It has been replaced with a Modern app. Although the modern app looks elegant but many people are not happy with this change as the older one was faster and more useful for keyboard users. The modern app has been specifically useful for

How to Use Google for Search In iPhone, iPad And Mac?

If you love to use Google for search queries, you can easily set up Google as the default search engine whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Here are the ways to do the same. Safari in iOS The Safari Browser work incredibly in your iPhone or iPad but when you search for a

How to Use Cortana on Windows 10?

Are you excited about using Cortana on your desktop? Yes, Cortana which was first available for Windows Phone customers will now support PC and tablets as well with release of Windows 10. Cortana is your personal assistant which helps you get the things done by interacting with you naturally. She provides you quick access to

How to Unroot Your Android Device?

Rooting your android device does give you a lot of privileges but at times, you may require unrooting it. There can many reasons why you want to unroot your Android device such as when you want to claim the warranty or to receive OTA updates and more. Well, the best part is that it is

How to use Google Docs Research Tool?

Whether you’re a student preparing your project or completing a slideshare presentation, Google Docs Research Tool eases your task of researching. It allows you to track down the information so that you are saved from navigating work document and web browser from time to time. With this built-in research tool, you can easily search for