How to Reset Your Android Phone or an iPhone?

Are you facing problems with your Android phone? Most of the times, a factory reset helps you to fix issues. It is a perfect solution when you are having problems with touch screen, navigation problems, phone won’t power on at all and others. Factory reset is also useful when you want to sell your Android

How To Open DMG Files In Windows?

DMG Files are OS X disk image files and are supported in Mac OS X operating system. These are disk images like ISO files and normally contain program installation files for Apple applications. Many times, we felt the need to open DMG files in Windows. There are several ways to open DMG files in Windows

How To Fix USB Not Recognized In Windows?

Many a times I have run into problems with USB devices on a Windows machine specially a laptop. In most cases it is not detected at all or it does not show up under the My Computer drives list. There can be various reasons for this behavior from a corrupt USB device to a bad

How to Replay YouTube Videos Automatically?

YouTube is a largest hub of all kinds of videos but it does not include the auto-replay button. Yes, there are no automatic replays on YouTube and you need to manually do it every time you want to replay the video again. You need to manually click on the small replay button at the top

How to Change Emergency Alert Settings on Your Phone?

Modern smartphones have a very useful feature of emergency alerts. These emergency alerts inform you about dangerous weather conditions, AMBER alerts and about presidential announcements for national emergencies. The alerts are geographically targeted and you’ll receive notification only when there is some emergency in your area. Yes, these alerts are beneficial and have proven to

How to Block Someone on Android Phone?

Are you looking for a way to block unwanted callers on your Android phone? There can be any number of reasons when you want to block a caller such as stop telemarketers, spammers or other annoying people. Whatever may be the reason, blocking callers is a useful feature that most of us need at one

How to Improve Security of Google Apps Data?

We all need to extra careful to protect our data on the internet. Creating a strong password is a good way to secure your important information and setting up 2-step verification adds another layer of security. Google helps you take care of your data and generally, you don’t have to worry about loss of data

3 Ways to Download YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular social networking sites that allow users to watch and view videos. You can watch videos anywhere and at any time with an internet connection. But, when you want to save and download it for offline use, how do you do that? Fortunately, there are reliable ways to download

How to Backup and Restore Windows Registry?

Registry Editor contains information about your computer and is a useful tool for making changes in the system registry. Most of the settings are stored in the Windows registry and making incorrect changes in the registry can break your system. Registry stores a vast amount of critical information such as user information, options in Windows

How to Type Faster On Touch Screen Smartphone?

Touchscreen smartphones have always been used to send out emails and text messages. For all those who want to speed up their typing on a touch keyboard, here are the useful tips. These suggestions are useful for any smartphone with a touch pad, be it Android, Windows or Blackberries phone. Ways to type faster on