How to Change Default Font in Outlook 2013?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular applications that come with Windows. It is increasingly being used for composing emails. If you are bored from the default look of an email in outlook, consider changing fonts. Fonts are one of the best ways to give your email an entire new look. Here are the steps

How to View Passwords Behind Asterisks?

Modern browsers intelligently hide passwords behind asterisks so that your password is not stolen by unauthorized person. They offer the capability of remembering passwords and username. This feature saves us from filling username and password every time we need to access our favorite websites. But, problem arises when one forgets saved username and password. For

How To Disable Or Enable Hibernate In Windows 10?

Hibernation is a state where the computer takes a screenshot of your system files and drives and saves them to the hard drive before shutting down. This enables faster startup of the computer. So, when your computer is in hibernate state, it is neither shut down nor put to sleep and it does not hurt

How To View Dismissed Notifications In Android?

Many times it happens that there were a couple of pending notifications sittings in the status bar of the Android phone and you just tapped the Dismiss icon to clear them at once. But, then you realize that there may be some useful notifications that got dismissed. There’s how to view dismissed notifications in Android.

How to Get Free 2GB Google Drive Storage?

In celebration of Safer Internet Day 2016, Google is giving away all its users a chance to get free 2GB Google Drive Storage by completing a security checkup of their account. You can get complete details about Safer Internet Day by visiting movement’s website or check out Twitter by searching for hashtag #SaferInternetDay. Steps to

How to Play Chess on Facebook Messenger?

With the purpose to enhance popularity of Facebook Messenger app, the company has allowed users to play chess on their messaging app. This is a good news for all chess lovers. There’s a secret code that lets you play chess on Facebook Messenger. Today, we are talking about the steps to play chess. Let’s have

How to Stop Apps Running in Background in Android?

One of the common issues being faced by Android users is slow processing of the tasks on their phone. This can be due to a large number of Android apps installed on your phone. While uninstalling the unnecessary apps is one solution but at the same time, there are a lot many apps that you

How to Personalize Windows 10 Start Title Bar Colors

Who doesn’t like colors, right? If you want to personalize windows 10 screen look more colorful and more personalized then Windows 10 has lot more to offer. Choose the color of your choice for your Start Background, Taskbar, Action Center and Title Bar. About Windows 10 Windows 10 is an operating system developed by Microsoft.

How to Open RAR Files?

RAR is a popular format for compressing one or several files into a smaller archive file. This proprietary file format is originally developed by Eugene Roshal and can be opened on most computer platforms. It can be easily used for sending large files by email. Like other archives, RAR files are data containers and store

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer using iCloud?

One of the most frequently asked questions by iPhone lovers is about how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer? Apple’s cloud storage service called iCloud makes sure that the pictures are readily available on computer as well as iPhone. About iCloud iCloud is a subscription service that helps one to manage documents across iPhone,